A good Lebaran day

Allahu akbar,, allahuakbar,,, allahuakbar,,,,,la ilahaillallah hualla huakbar,,,,,,,,,,,
Yeah, today is Lebarany, idul fitri. After a month umat islami fasting, and this day is the winning day.
Morning my world, Alhamdulillah he still give me a chance to feel a good day with my parents, brother and also my friends. A day before it, my mom and i went to market , and bought some new clothes and mukenah. i was very happy.
in the morning……

i go to masjid together with my mom and my Friends. After pray there is something wrong with my father.He is getting ill, headack. Some hours he stay and take a rest at home.
“Pa, what happened with you ?”asked my brother
“Pa, this is a good day, i hope you feel it ” said me
But my father did not answer my sentence,
“ma , i think we must go to hospitall now on ” my brother said to my mom
“yeah , i think so,, prefer everything needed,,,”said my mom
Then my family go to hospital, i saw the doctor checking my father
“Doc, what was accour ” ask my mom
“no , he is only headack ” she said
Oh, alhamdulillah. But doctor ask my father to stay at hospitol, i have a question , why? Unfortunatelly my father need a silent place, Some hours i accompony him at hospitol. Then we back to home and celebrate a lebaran day. Although my father getting ill, but i still can a good day.
A hours later, my father recovered.
“Where we will go “ask him
“Actually i wanna go to Mountain, but how about your condition “i said
“No matter, i have been okey now…” he said wih a smie
Yeah,,,,,, finally i can go to Mountain with my family. Thanks pa, Ma, you are my everything.



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