My Best Friend, My family

by: Rena_fitriani

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‘kring….. kring….. kring……” this is break time, i still busy see the result of my exam which is Sosial knowledge , i got 100. I’ m verry happy with it, i do not know if my friends have been waiting for me. They want to invite me to go to our favourite place in my school. Yeah, a mini garden in front of clinic room beside class 7.a.
“Sorry friends i was forget with all of you” i said.
“that’s oke, take your seat please” asked Neysi with a smile.
In this place my friends and i always study ,play, and laugh together. they always made a small thing that can made me smile.

“Refina and Faizan always together forever it can be ‘Refasta’ Forever Cie…Cie… Cie…!” that’s a sentence that always i heard from their mouth. Actually, i have small angry with them but because their always made me happy , all of that i just forgot it.
“guys, i have a suggest… a good idea …!” i said.
“what do you mean, Re ” asked Chyka.
“i mean . how if we made a group, but i confused because i do not know what our group name is ??? said me
“that’s a good suggest, but i also getting confused ,” said Salma
“ahaa…. i know , how if we take our last name and then we put in one word…” explain Neysi.
” example….. ?????” asked me very antusias.
” ahhh. like this yeah , Refina be ‘Na’ , Chyka be ‘ka’, Salma be ‘ma’ and me Neysi be ‘Si’, then we put in a word ” explain Neysi
” so Na Ka Si Ma, Na Ma Si Ka or Si MA Ka NA ????” asked salma
“how if Na Ma Si Ka ???” suggest me
“okey. we are agree with you.” said them together.
The Break time is over, so my friends and i back to class .
i’m very happy had best friend like them. I can not guest , our first meeting when orientation made me known what Best friends Is . Day by day i spend with them.
One day , i very terkejut when i saw mp parents also my others family came to my kosan. they came with many thing. I do not know what was happenned, i try to asked my mom.
” mom , what happenned with all of us ???” asked me.
“Nothing… ” she said with a sad expression.
“oh ,,, but ” i have not continue my words, sudenly ” just do your job, study hard and do the best for our family” my father said with me.
I only silent, i really do not know what was happenned .
The next day my parents went to Curup , with all of their clothes, they did not said anything. But i try to find the problem , i asked with my uncle, and i know that my father angry with my neighbour, so they want to move on to other place, Curup.
I spend my time without my family, but no matter. do you know why ? yeah, i have Best Friend that always together with me, support me , when i crying, their also sad.
Three months after that…..
Again , i cannot guest. When i back from school i saw my parents stay in my inn. They said to me that we will make a new house in this village, Muara Lintang village. I agree because i can always together with them.
One month later…..
i must move from my kosan to my new house, i was happy but also i was very sad. i did not one place again with my friends. This is difficult for me . But, although i did not together with them, i can visit their place.
We ever made a promise to always together although not in home , but at school.
“I hope, although we are far a part but our friendship never break because of that”
I love you NAMASIKA, you are my Best Friend Forever. I will never forget your kindness for me Always and Forever . byee bye…

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