My motivator

My name is Kartini , my parents and my friends always call me Arti. I have one brother, He still in junior high school, and i in senior high school.
Every day……
“Arti, mami and Dady wonna go to Office yeah, Bi Inah has prefered your Breakfast, and do not forget to invite your brother ” i always heard that sentence from my mom when in the morning.
My brother and i always berakfast together, but usual i did not went to school together because i always go to school with 

my friends, they are Nindi and Bita. I have a hobby , yeah Plying guitar. My parents are busy with their job, they are always back to home at the night, when i and my brother was slept. They also go to office when i still prefer to go to school. My family never eat , watching, and having fun together. It condition made me lazy to back to my house. After school time, i always go with my friends, and i also late back to house.
One day when i need money to pay iuran of my school.
kring ,,,, kring ,,,, i try to calling my dad to ask money.
“Dad , i need money to school, can i ask now on ? asked me
“Yeah Arti, like dad ever said before, never calling me when i still in office, i’m busy now, i have meeting,just ask with your mom” explain my Dad
“But, Dad i need,,,,,,,” tut,,, tut,,,, The telephone has been Close.
I was very dissapointed. Then i try to call my Mom,,
“mam, i need money , can you transfer it now on ???” asked me
“Just be later ,Arti. Mom have so many job now , and we can discuss it in our house later “said my mom.
“oke mom” replay me with a small.
At the night, i wating for my parents , but they are never back. So i was slept at the sofa until morning. When i woke up there was a letter . i saw and i open it, and found some money and also a paper, “Arti, this is money for you, mom and dad wanna go to office, bye” that a sentence at that paper.
I prefer to go to school, and i promised to out from my house. I go with no direction, on the street i met with a child which she is can not see. She walk on the street. Then i think i must follow her. I can not imagine, trenyata she life with her grandma, in one hut. Her grandma is sick. Although she can not see, but she still can found food for her grandma.
“Sorry kak , Why you came to my hut” asked her
“i do not know where i will sleep, i was out from my house because my parents never care with me…..” said me
“kak, i think you must back to your house now on “she said
“why dek, you do not want i am here ???” asked me
“No kak, but you must greatful, because you still have parents , not like me ” she said
“ohh, where are yor parents ,dek” asked me
“they were died, because accident. Since i was baby i life with my grandma, my name is Kartini.” she said
“oh my name also Kartini, but always called Arti.”
Then, She ask permission to go to buy food. She bougt two bungkus nasi and she give to me .
“this is for you,,,,”she said
“where is your? asked me
“no kak, i have, together with my grandma” she said with a smile
She is very kind, i never think before if my parents hardwork to give me happiness, this child Kartini very brave, but me , nothing. I never think about my house.
The next day i accompany Kartini to searchig money , and then i met with my dad,
“Arti,,,, Arti,,,,,” called him pursue me
i stopped walk.
“Arti plese forgive me, and also your mam, lets back to our home ” he said
“i do not want, i am happy here” i said
“but your mom getting ill now ….” he said
i just silent.
“kak i please you to back , your mam kak, think her”
“yeah dek , this is because of you”i ask permission with Kartini, and then back to home. i tell my parents about Kartini.
The next week, My parents ask me to invite both of them to life in my home, i am very hapy, my parents also give chance for kartini to go to school in elementary school, and we life at happy family, thanks Kartini kecil, you are my motivator to be better and more greatful.



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