Development of “IPTEK” and the Effect in human activity

  Image result for gambar untuk perkembangan teknologi dan aktivitas manusia  Advances in science and technology is something we can not avoid in this life, because of technological advances will be run in accordance with the progress of science. The development of Science and Technology has developed rapidly and kept going forward. The main purpose of science and technology development is the future of human life changes better, easier, cheaper, faster and safer. It turns out science and technology development activity and changes affecting people’s lives in the areas of social, economic, education, and culture.

The development of science and technology, has provided significant changes to all aspects of human life, especially in information technology such as the internet very supportive of each person to reach his destination in a short time. Besides, a lot of influence as well as the benefits that are positive, the development of science and technology also provides many negative influences in its development.   Here are some of the impact of the development of Science and Technology dialam human activities in various fields.

1. Social Affairs

Due to the development of science and technology affect people’s social circumstances, they change in some activities as below.
  • In the social field of science and technology has changed people’s lifestyles. Currently consumptive lifestyle has plagued residents. Examples of public consumer behavior can be seen for example in the style of dress. Every day there are always new clothes models are offered either in the store or in the marketplace. Citizens who feel able to certainly not want to miss. A simple lifestyle is rarely found.
  • Changes in the way we communicate. Currently humans can communicate globally anytime and anywhere. Now many features and media that support the communication facility. And the price is now easily affordable. To stay in touch we could not take advantage of advances in science and technology, thus saving time and costs.
  • Personality differences of men and women. Currently the greater portion of women who hold positions of leadership, both inside the government and in the business world. More and more women are entering the field of politics, as a member of parliament, governors, ministers, and various other important positions. Women not only as a housewife, but also working to meet the demanding needs.

2. Field of Education
The important role of science and technology advances in the field of education, as follows:

  • The emergence of the mass media, especially the internet as a source of knowledge and education center. The impact of this is the teacher is not the only source of knowledge. Currently if a student needs to know the information he wants to be able to access via the Internet.
  • Meeting the needs of educational facilities can be met quickly, such as doubling the exam with the photo copy machine to meet the demand for the amount of matter that much can be accomplished in a short time. Antiquity to reproduce the exam questions are still using mimeograph that takes a long time to create questions in large numbers.
  • Learning system does not have to go through face-to-face. With the technological advances the learning process does not have to bring together students and teachers, but can also use the internet postal services and others. We have had a lot of schools that implement distance learning.
  • The existence of the data processing system using the results of the use of technology assessment. After the development of science and technology all the duties that were once done manually and requires a long time, it becomes easy to do with the use of media technologies such as, computers that can process data by using various programs. To process the value of a teacher is no longer using the calculator, but uses MS Excel.

3. Economics

In the economic field, the technology is developing very rapidly. From the technological advances we can feel positive benefits, among others:
  • The occurrence of industrialization. Industrialization is a process of socio-economic changes that alter living systems agrarian society into an industrial society. Indonesian society that was once largely become farmers are now moving in the industrial field.
  • Increasing the productivity of the industrial world. Technological advances improve the productivity of the industrial world both from the aspect of industrial technology as well as on aspects of productions.
  • Competition in the world of work that requires workers to always add skill and knowledge. The tendency of technological and economic development, will have an impact on employment and qualifications necessary manpower. Qualification of labor and the amount of labor required will undergo rapid changes.

4. Field of Culture

Due to technological advances we can see the impact on the development and cultural fields, namely:
  • Changes in the cultural field the most we can feel is “The influx of Western culture. There are some western culture as opposed to the Indonesian nation is considered Eastern Culture. Western culture easily enter through internet media, TV, print media or which are then absorbed by many young people in Indonesia.
  • How to dress is also changing, because the trend of world clothing oriented to the West, then how to dress Western nation was slowly entering into our culture and dress with a short skirt is already becoming commonplace. Though dressed like that in Indonesia is contrary to the culture and customs of the Indonesian nation.
  • Changes in socio-cultural values, way of life, a good mindset, and science and technology from other nations that have advanced. With the advancement of science and technology we can learn from other nations and take positive.


  • lues.
  • Improved high work ethic, hard-working, disciplined, have a spirit of independence, rational, fair, and so forth. Currently demanded a high work ethic and the spirit of independence to face competition to get a job.

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