Development of “IPTEK” and the Effect in human activity

  Image result for gambar untuk perkembangan teknologi dan aktivitas manusia  Advances in science and technology is something we can not avoid in this life, because of technological advances will be run in accordance with the progress of science. The development of Science and Technology has developed rapidly and kept going forward. The main purpose of science and technology development is the future of human life changes better, easier, cheaper, faster and safer. It turns out science and technology development activity and changes affecting people’s lives in the areas of social, economic, education, and culture.

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A good Lebaran day

Allahu akbar,, allahuakbar,,, allahuakbar,,,,,la ilahaillallah hualla huakbar,,,,,,,,,,,
Yeah, today is Lebarany, idul fitri. After a month umat islami fasting, and this day is the winning day.
Morning my world, Alhamdulillah he still give me a chance to feel a good day with my parents, brother and also my friends. A day before it, my mom and i went to market , and bought some new clothes and mukenah. i was very happy.
in the morning……
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My motivator

My name is Kartini , my parents and my friends always call me Arti. I have one brother, He still in junior high school, and i in senior high school.
Every day……
“Arti, mami and Dady wonna go to Office yeah, Bi Inah has prefered your Breakfast, and do not forget to invite your brother ” i always heard that sentence from my mom when in the morning.
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My Best Friend, My family

by: Rena_fitriani

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‘kring….. kring….. kring……” this is break time, i still busy see the result of my exam which is Sosial knowledge , i got 100. I’ m verry happy with it, i do not know if my friends have been waiting for me. They want to invite me to go to our favourite place in my school. Yeah, a mini garden in front of clinic room beside class 7.a.
“Sorry friends i was forget with all of you” i said.
“that’s oke, take your seat please” asked Neysi with a smile.
In this place my friends and i always study ,play, and laugh together. they always made a small thing that can made me smile.
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Pelita Desa cemara

Disebuah desa terpencil, tepatnya Desa Cemara,kecamatan Kledong. Ada seorang remaja yang hidup sementara di sana . Ya, karena dia adalah pelajar yang berasal dari kota. Namanya Parlin, lelaki tinggi dan berwibawa yang tegas dan punya tekad yang kuat. Suatu hari saat ia menikmati indahnya pemandangan yang masih natural dan ada sebuah pondok milik warga, ia teridur disana dan ia bermimpi bahwa ia bisa mnyejahterakan kehidupan Desa Cemara itu, saat ia terbangun, ia bersikukuh dan bertekad untuk mewujudkan mimpinya.

Perlu waktu bagi Parlin memikirkan rencana untuk mewujudkan mimpinya, beberapa hari ia memperhatikan lagi kehidupan  Baca lebih lanjut